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A True Warrior in Orange

Tatjana Havlin, AKA Tati, Capricorn, age 34, from Ansbach Germany loves being an Army wife. You are from Germany aren’t you? Tatjana states, “Yes I am. I was born in Muenchen, but grew up in the city of Ansbach.” What did you study in school and what did you want to be when you grew up? Tatjana replies, “I actually studied to be a bakery sales person but never followed up after I graduated…I wanted to work with animals.” What do you do now for a living and why did you not follow your dream working with animals? Tatjana replies, “I am a stay at home mom and proud army wife. I never followed my dreams, because my family comes first. Maybe down the road I will, but right now I am living my dream” So you have children? Tatjana replies, “Why yes I have two, my precious son David whom we had together and my beautiful step daughter Alyssa that Chris adores.”

How do you like living in the United States, what do you like most about it? Tatjana replies, “Ummm I love the states, just depends on where you are. I really disliked Fort Leonard Wood Army Installation at first but then it grew on me. We currently live at Fort Stewart Army Installation and I love the warm weather. Being close to the beach is an added plus.” Do you miss home? Tatjana replies, Yes, I miss Germany a lot.” How many times have you been back and when was the last time? Tatjana replies, “ I have not been home since September 2005 at the moment we cannot afford the trip .” What do you miss most about your home country? Tatjana replies, “My family and my delicious German food!”

What do you like most about being a military spouse and what do you dislike? Tatjana replies, “ I love being an Army wife. I love having awesome people around me. Supporting all the soldiers knowing what they are fighting for. The knowledge and understanding of the sacrifice they make each and every day. What I dislike is seeing my husband and other spouses leaving on multiple deployments. Being afraid and scared of the idea he may not return and me having to bury him or people we know. I totally dislike saying goodbye to awesome friends and family in my life.” When your husband returns from deployment how do you feel. What event or ritual have you developed to celebrate? Tatjana replies,” I feel excited, especially for the kids. Relieved that he made it back safe and alive! His promise kept because he returned to us. I would like to add there is a scary feeling of how has he changed this time. We celebrate by just loving each other.”

How did you meet your husband and where? Tatjana replies,” I met him at a club in Germany, used to be called “The Joy”, definitely miss those times.” Tell us the story of how you met your husband? Tatjana replies,” Ummm let’s see, honestly I was dating someone else and Chris was just a friend. When my ex and I broke up, Chris was still around. This special night after many nights of going out and partying we went to our friends’ house and he kissed me. It felt good and I kissed him back. The funny thing is Chris had always like me but never said anything until a few days later. Chris told me that his thinking was now or never, she is going to kiss me back or slap me. What do I have to lose? You know what happened, lol. Almost 10 years later, we are still together with lots of ups and downs, but we are together!”

What would you say your best attribute is? Tatjana replies pausing, “I guess my brutal honestly; I say what I think period point blank, no beating around the bush with me. If you don’t want to know what I think, then don’t ask me. Honesty and loyalty are a must with family and friends. How is your support chain (family or friends)? Tatjana replies, “My military family is awesome! If I need some help or support they are there no matter what, I can count on them and they can count on me.” What are your measurements? Tatjana replies, “Ummmm lets see very tall…that’s all you get.” We can see that but your forgot beautiful as well! Tatjana smiles. Do you workout or go to the gym? Tatjana replies,” Yes I do every day. I go to the gym and I run outside. I am bringing sexy back.” Yes you are, do you have any tattoos and do they have a special meaning? Tatjana replies,” Yes I have a dolphin tribal on my right calf but, it is not finished yet. I want it to say,” Hope, peace, faith, and family in different languages or symbols. Still trying to find the right combination, I also have a cross with angel wings on my back; it is more on the left side where my shoulder is. It states in German “Mein Engel David “and “Mein Hero Schatzi”, which means,” My angel, David my son. Then my hero Schatzi which, is my husband.”

Do you have any pets? Tatjana replies, “Yep two dogs… Nikita is a long hair German shepherd and Niko he is a boxer/German shepherd mix.” What type of music do you like? Tatjana replies,” OMG I love techno lol…just cannot find it around here, but I pretty much listen to everything besides metal rock or classic.” Do you dance? Tatjana replies, “lol only to techno, I guess right now I do not dance. You get me to a techno place and I will be dancing most of the night. Look at these long beautiful legs” Trust me we are we are!

Do you drink and if so what is your favorite drink? She says, “If I ever drink then it is St. James, red wine, definitely has to be a sweet wine.” Tatjana’s favorite color is blue. Her favorite television show is Criminal Minds and The Voice. Her favorite movie is A Walk to Remember.” Do you have any other hobbies or special talents? Tatjana replies, “I love to work out, read, write poetry, draw, sing, and hang out with my friends.” Do you have a favorite designer in reference to clothing, jewelry that type of stuff? Tatjana replies, “I love Ed Hardy if I had the money I would buy all of his stuff. Especially the ones with crosses in it, I love crosses. You will never find me without mine on lol, other than that nothing really, just whatever fits and looks decent.” My friend Nine Livez has a new clothing line coming out which I can’t wait to try on and of course support him…I know no matter what he touches it will be a success and I’m so proud of everything he has accomplished!” I am sure he is very proud of you as well!

If you need to find Tatjana, she would be at 4th Brigade gym, running, walking outside, Star Bucks , her sons school, sons soccer practice, games, daughters soccer practices and home games. Tatjana is a real loving and caring wife and mother, the world could use more tatjana’s on this Earth and in the Orangeverse. If you need to get in contact with her, Facebook her. Tatjana would like to leave the readers of Orangemodemagazine with some food for thought: “Besides make sure you get your Nine Livez on. Live your life to the fullest. If you want a change then you have to work for it. Tell your loved ones everyday just how much you love them, before you will never get that chance again. Do not ever leave your house in a fight with your loved ones; you never know what will happen. Just LOVE each other!”


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