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Meet Neni Robertson

Neni Robertson, from Nicholasville, KY residing in Keene, KY, age 35, Caucasian, African American and Cherokee Indian passion is success and helping others, especially her family. Her job position is purchasing. She wants to eventually get her PhD and become a college professor, but is trusting God to follow the path he leads her on. Neni has an Associate of Science in PC Support, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Management and Marketing, and Master of Business Administration.

Her family is very supportive of her decisions. She has three brothers and three sisters. Her youngest sister past away in September 2006 and her mother died in August 2002. She misses them both dearly. She implies, “I find myself crying at times thinking of them. They are in a better place now.” She has one daughter, Brooklynn Redd, age 6, she is her everything.

“Family is important to me, so if they need my help I will be there no matter what. I am helping my oldest brother get on his feet. I take him to work and pick him up almost every day. But there comes a time in your life, you can only give so much of yourself, that it is hard to keep giving, until it starts to affect your life. I will help anyone, but I have to see that they are trying to help themselves .You will meet many people that thinks you owe them something, they got the short end of the deal, and life is hard. Yes, life is hard but that is life. An ordinary person started from the bottom to get to the top. The key is you have to want it, sleep it, eat it and live it, determination. Without determination life will remain dull and regretful.”

“I have helped other family members but there comes a time you have to make them leave the nest and fly. Once they leave the nest, then and only then, they will grow up and become responsible adults. I love to help those in need, makes me feel like I made a difference in someone’s life. I enjoy helping old people because they are appreciative in all you do, sweeping their floor, washing their dishing or taking out their garbage. The smallest task is encouraging and cherished for them and the smile on their face makes it all worth the effort.”

What would you say your best attribute is? She responds, “Loyalty, determination, my smile, hazel eyes and round butt lol” Do you have any tattoos and do they have a special meaning? She says, “I have a tattoo on my lower back of a black panther. I love panthers; I think in my past life I was a wild cat. I even can roar like a wild cat. LOL”

Neni is not married but has been in a relationship almost ten years. If you had your choice of any man in the world what man would you like to get at (romantically that is)? She implies, “I want a man that shares the same goals I have and wants the same things I want. He would have to be understanding, respectful, communicative, loyal and appreciative. “

Neni’s favorite color is every shade of Green, especially emerald green. Her favorite alcoholic beverage is wine, Mascotto. Her favorite television show is Bold and the Beautiful and House of Pain and her favorite movies are dramas.

In your everyday life where can you be seen at you know (school, supermarkets) you know? She says,” I don’t really leave my house all that much but when I do I am at work or running errands on the weekends.” If you need to get in contact with Neni: [email protected] or message her on Facebook.


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  1. Uma Mardonkulova

    Hello, Neni!
    Very nice to meet and know you!!!
    I’m really impressed… You are so strong, kind and interesting person…
    You have so nice, lovely daughter…..Beautiful pictures))))))))))))))

    P.S. And thank you for writting a nice story about me )))


  2. Alex G

    she is realy great. and my dear Americans, please do not call people africo americans, whithes, yelows, greens. you arr Americans, Eurpeans and so on. what is matter for me your race. like in this article: she is great American soldier. whooah


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