Warrior Profile: Alex G.


Aleksiejus Gaizevskis in the Orange Mode

Meet Aleksiejus Gaizevskis from Jonava City, Lithuania. They call him Alex G, because anyone who is not from his native country has a problem pronouncing his name and now he is stuck with the nickname. Alex is 39 years of age and is a career military and family man. He is married to his beautiful wife, Svetlana and has two daughters ages 4 and 14.

Thank you for sharing your story with the Orangeverse Alex. Alex replies, “Thank you I would love to share my story and Lithuania with the world.” How long you been married? Alex replies, “I married my wife in 1995, so seventeen years. I am still incredibly in love with her, the same if not more from when I first laid eyes on her. Svetlana is the most beautiful woman in the entire world and super sexy of course. My daughters are the best part of me. It makes my heart warm to see them happy. My oldest daughter is doing well in her studies. She is fluent three languages (Lithuanian, Russian and English) she also study’s French. She gets her smarts from her mother. She also attends art school and her dream is to be an actor. Now my youngest little lady is always trying to fight. She is a tomboy and will be real tough like her father when he was young. Both of them make me laugh, by just dancing and singing around the house, they lighten up me and my wife’s day. Again my youngest one, she plays dress up with her mother’s clothing and sometimes mines. The clothes are so big on her, but you wouldn’t know it by the way she walks and prances around. I love her to pieces.” My wife, my soul mate is the best thing to ever happen in my life. She supports my military career all the while providing guidance to me and our children. She is the heart of our family. She looks after our apartment, our summer home and still finds the time to stay in the best shape of her life. she is a very intelligent woman. I will never understand how this beautiful and intelligent woman found time to love me and become my wife. . I am the luckiest man in the world, she is perfect!!!”

How long you been in the military? Alex replies, “Twenty-two years now.” How much longer do you have till you retire? Alex replies, “I plan on retiring in next ten years because of the way our military is structured and age. Given the opportunity I would like to serve longer until I was a really old man .” What is your job in the military? Alex replies, “I am a Lieutenant Colonel working at the Joint Head quarters as a Combat Support section leader. “ That sounds very important. Alex replies, “All jobs in the military are important.” How many time have you been deployed and where? Alex replies, “I have been deployed twice to Afghanistan.” What years did you deploy? Alex replies, “I was deployed first time in 2005-2006 and next time was from 2011 to 2012, usually we (NATO) have 6 months rotation, but the last time I requested for extension and I spent 8 months forward deployed.” What was the best thing about any one deployment? Alex replies, “Besides the mission, the people and friendships you make. We are all from different places and backgrounds in the world and yet these some of these connections will last a lifetime. This last deployment I was stationed at Camp Stone in Afghanistan and I had the pleasure of working with a young man named Tarry Bailey. He worked alongside me in our mission training Afghanistan Police. He is the subject matter expert and I soon found myself being mentored and instructed by Tarry. He took the time to help me learn my job and be better at it working alongside American and coalition troops. He also taught a fitness class in his spare time. He always made time for people in need and always had a kind word. We became best friends. Just think in a war zone, harsh conditions, language barriers and different cultures I found my best friend of all time. I know we will keep in touch, he is coming to visit hopefully by the end of the year.” WOW that is great Alex I am sure he will, I have heard nothing but great things about Tarry as well. ;)….What is the worst thing about being deployed? Alex replies, “I would have to say the local Afghanistan people who are not appreciative to the coalition’s commitment and efforts to better their lives and country. It is not all Afghans but it is a lot, I hope they can overcome whatever it is and see we are also scarifying our lives to better theirs.” What is the first thing you do, or how do you celebrate after a deployment with you family when you get home? Alex replies, “First, when I see my lovely three ladies give them a big kiss and hug, then it’s to have the best beer in the world. Lithuanian beer that is! Nice, I will have to try one or a few when I visit.

What did you want to do or be when you grew up? Alex replies, “I always wanted to be a soldier, and look at me now, I became one Do you have any positive influences in your life, what or who Inspires you and why do they inspire you? Alex replies, “I know some Military Officers who are fine examples in my military career. More over my new friend Tarry Bailey is a great example how to be great soldier, professional IT specialist, poet, fitness instructor, father and friend.” Tarry sounds like a great guy. Alex replies, “He really is, sometimes his effort s goes unnoticed but he doesn’t mind, he just does because it is the right thing to do.” What would you say your best attribute or feature is? Alex replies, “My best feature is ability to communicate with people. I am trying to make friends and not make enemies. It doesn’t always work because it takes two but on my part I always try.” Being in the military getting tattoos are a big thing for some do you have any? Alex replies, “No, I never wanted any because I do not want to spoil my body. Tattoos mark your body forever and what if you change your mind once you get one. It costs a lot of money, time and pain to remove them. Now I have friends who have tattoos but they are just not for me.” Who is your biggest supporter of your military career and your dreams? Alex replies, “My biggest supporters are my wife and children, they are with me hand and hand in good and bad times. What kind of music do you like? Alex replies, “I love classical music, it inspired me to work and concentrate. I sometimes sit in my car and just zone out to classical music.” Nice I like some Bach and Beethoven myself.

Do you workout or go to the gym? What is your favorite body part to work out? Alex replies, “I love martial arts, the punching of the heavy bag. The grappling and wrestling. I like to punch boxing bag and also I like wrestling. I just recently while deployed to Afghanistan started to train more with weights. I think every part of the body is important.” Do you have any other hobbies or special talents? Alex replies, I am a skydiver and I have more than 200 jumps to date.” WOW brother that is very impressive! What is your favorite color? Alex replies, “Black, White but also Grey, most of the clothes I buy is these colors.” What is your favorite Flower? Alex replies, “Chamomile.” What is your favorite Movie? Alex replies, “We Were Soldiers.” I agree that is one of my favorites as well. When you retire what do you want to do? Alex replies, I would like to become a businessmen or politician this will enable me to make some more money to improve my family’s life. I would also like to buy a motorbike. I like riding but in my home country this is an expensive hobby.I could see you as Mr. President Alex G; you would be the coolest president ever! Alex just smiles. Well when you get that bike and you will, I will have to go riding with you. What do you do in your free time at home? Alex replies, I spend time at home with my loving family, by myself meditating or with friends going to sauna relaxing just having a good time. If anyone in the Orangeverse would like to contact you how can they do that? Alex replies, “I love communicating with people making new friends and contacts. I can be emailed at [email protected], and on face book by name Haizevskis Aleksiejus.” If you could leave the Orange Mode readers anything what would it be besides make sure you get your Nine Livez on? Alex replies, “I would like to recommend to everybody to enjoy life and live as much as possible. Spend time with family and friends. Never hesitate to enjoy good food, good company, try your best to make friends and not enemies. Keep in touch with your brothers in arms and do not hesitate to share ideas with your friends. Who knows maybe one day some of them will support your ideas and help make your dream come true. In order to make your dream a reality you may need help from other s and if you don’t ask you will never know!

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