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Finger tips rapping tapping on the keyboard of love
Through the multifaceted infrastructure of interconnected circuitry
This is where I was and where you found me
Supermarkets, Disco clubs, places where insignificance meet
All I had to do was get connected online through your heart beat
You have been, one key stroke to less, one step away
Personal ads, email, chat lines, and messages day to day
Format my Windows 95 upgrade my hard drive
New operating system, new memories to store inside
My empty case is now full with new hardware, power supply
You are the Amperes the voltage that keeps my hard disks running high
No Cable modem, DSL, or Local area Network, just too damn slow
I get connected online with

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your love, which keeps me on the go
Updated, upgraded, up just damn everything,

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maybe buy one new
I don’t need any of that, because, I just Upgraded to You

~ Tarry Bailey

Author Tarry Bailey
Author Tarry Bailey

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