Stop Bullying!


Join Nine Livez and Orange Mode Magazine to help stop bullying!

Download Poster HERE: nine

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livez warrior stop bulyling

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  1. Ramona

    Absolutely love this!! 🙂 Bullying is such a huge thing in today’s Society, almost as if it were part of the norm. The thing is Bullying doesn’t just occur in our Schools, college’s, our streets, workplace’s and etc. It occurs everywhere at one point or another. Humans are taught to hate, to dis-like, to hurt other’s and to be racist against other’s in not just our different Nationalities but our way of life, our way of religion, and so forth. I think this is an amaing poem that speaks the truth and a great poster that can reach out to not only students/children but to all. Great Job T.. 🙂 Very Proud of this!


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