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Tonia Sugar Silva, AKA Sugar, from San Diego, is Latina, Italian, Indian, German age 23. Tonia managed a clothing store her mother owned but now she just does hair, makeup and raises her son. She plans to go back to school next fall. Her passion is to live life to the fullest, raise her son the best way she knows, travel the world and express herself artistically. She has always been an artistic person; being a Libra, you have an eye and passion for beauty and creativity. When Tonia was younger she would draw and write poems, and she was constantly listening to music. As she got older she self taught herself how to be creative with makeup.

In life, her inspirations come from her family. Her Godfather and her parents influence her the most. Her family is amazing and her support chain. She has a great relationship with her parents and her brother. She is close to her grandparents and blessed to have a large extended family. She expresses her artistic side through photography. She had offers to model for companies and local photographers, but it was not until a couple of years ago that she started following through with it. At first it was just for fun, but then she realized she could actually go somewhere with it if she dedicated her time. Tonia loves being in front of the camera, she also would like to learn more about being behind the camera, a photographer.

Tonia is single. She is a proud mother to a two-year-old little boy. He is the number one person in her life right next to God. He is her reason for living and brings light into her life. She loves how he is a blank canvas and she gets to work wonders on him while he soaks up every bit of information, but even more amazing, he teaches her much more than she ever could imagine.

On her 18th birthday, she got one small tattoo of two small flowers on her right foot. She plans to add to it and get a few more tattoos. Her next tattoo will be of her son. She drew it herself and a well-known artist she met in Las Vegas during a convention is going to do the honors. If Tonia had a choice to choose any man in the world, it would be Drake. She does not know if it would be romantically. Drake musically inspires her and she is a huge fan. There is not one day that goes by where she does not listen to him. She feels that she has gotten to know a little about him through his music and he is an interesting and attractive man.

She does not do anything exciting unless she makes it a family event to go spend time with relatives or friends. She likes to take her son out and if he is spending time with his father then she goes out with friends. Tonia loves to dance, if there is music, best bet she is singing along or bopping her head along with the beat. When she has a free weekend, she goes out dancing. She is more of a fan for hip-hop over house music so she tends to visit the clubs that offer more of her choice of music. Clubs she recommends in San Diego, Thursdays Ivy is her favorite and for Friday or Saturday nights, she likes Stingree and On Broadway. She is a social drinker; occasionally she will drink wine at home. When Tonia is out she usually will drink a Tokyo tea or an audios, if its wine it is lumbrussco or mascatto.

Tonia workouts at home or takes walks with the jogging stroller. She is joining a cycling class in a few weeks with some family members to get ready for summer. She is a big fan of Marciano by guess. She loves clothes and jewelry so she never has a hard time walking into a store and finding something she likes. Price is not a huge factor unless of course, it is not affordable, but she does not care if its one-dollar or more, if it is affordable and she likes it, then it is a done deal. Tonia’s favorite color is Green. Her favorite television show is Law and Order and her favorite movies are too many to name. If you want to find Tonia during the weekdays, she is running her typical errands: bank, grocery store. If you need to get in contact with Tonia you can find her on Facebook and Twitter, there you will find her email address.






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  1. Vanessa

    I’ve known Tonia since high school and I can say from my perspective that she is an incredible woman and mother. I’m so happy to see her follow her dreams and continue to press through all trials with grace and keep herself humbled. All of her modeling photos are beautiful and done with taste. Its so refreshing to see a beautiful young Latina with talent shine through with out exposing herself. I’m so proud of you Tonia and all of your incredible accomplishments to date and i know I know your family is too. God Bless you and I look forward to seeing you progress more in your career.


    • tarbai

      Those words you put together are so true. She is a truly a classy example of a young lady! We are Honored to have the opportunity to share her story with the OrangeVerse!


  2. Carrie Damasco

    Tonia is an amazing makeup artist, hair stylist and mom. Tonia also has an amazing family. These pictures are lovely. I hope all your dreams come true.


  3. Gilbert Sta. Ines | Photography

    Thank you for using my pictures in your website. 🙂

    more pictures of Tonia are available on these sites:


    • tarbai

      You are very welcome, you do lovely work. I would like to talk to you about using more of your beautiful subjects, Can I reach out to you and email you? I am going to look at her other pictures as well. I am going to also post it on my Face Book Page! Support, Support , Support! Be Blessed


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