Model of the Month: Avani


Avani in the Orange Mode

Hello pretty lady how are you doing today? Avani replies “I am well and Blessed” Is Avani your real name or a handle you go by? Avani smiles and replies, “My real name is Kimberly Anderson.” How old are you and are you mixed with another race because you do not look all African American? She replies, “I am 26 and a mighty Virgo!” Where are you from? She responds, “I am from St. Louis, MO and I am all Native American!” You are 100% Native American? She Replies “Yes.” Nice…. What would you say more than anything is your passion on this Earth? Avani states, “It is dancing, I have been dancing every since I was able to walk. I probably danced in the belly ;).”

Have you ever used your unique gift with any one famous or taken any formal dance classes? Avani replies,” Well, I have done various videos with some artists and I have done some work with Ben Mollins on the Show Shear Genious.” You have a very nice, and I do mean nice, figure… what are your measurements? Avani smiles, and says, “Well, my bust is 34a, 28 waist and my hips are 30.” Listen beautiful, is there a man or someone special in your life you would like to share with the Orangeverse? Avani states, “Well, I am newly single so, so, so smiling.” If you could have any man in the world, who would it be and what is your favorite body part on a man? Avani replies, “It would be definitely Dwayne Johnson or Barack Obama!” Do you have children? If not, do you want some in the future? Avani responds, “I do not currently have children.”

What would you say your best attribute would be? Avani states, “It is my intelligence and the wisdom I posse even though I am a young woman.” You wanting to become a model and dancer takes a lot effort and support…how is your support chain? Avani replies, “It is my family and the Lord, I do not feel that my family really cares what I do. I imagine the reason to be that as long as I am happy they are happy for me.” If you made a hit record and video describe the sound and concept behind it. Avani states, “My musical sound would have a Michael Jackson feel to it. People have fun when they are dancing. So I would make music that would make you want to get up off your ass and move your feet to my funky beet.” You dance every time you go out and just let it go? She replies, “Yes, Yes, Yes, when I am out, I just be me and the music lives within me.” What are some clubs you would recommend where you are? Avani replies, “To be honest I am a fun person without going to the club, the club scene doesn’t thrill me; it is a part of the job. I would however recommend one club called CLUB VIVA STL, it specializing in Salsa music and dancing. If you want to dance then this is the place to be.” You look incredibly fit, do you workout? Avani responds, “Yes I workout through dancing.”

Do you drink and if so what is your favorite drink? Avani implies, “I do drink but my favorite would be Peach Sangria.” You look like a Star right now, where can you been seen in your everyday life and do people approach you now? She responds,” I am always out and you can meet me at People Beauty, I stay upgrading my look.” What are some other positive influences in your life? Avani says, “Right now I would have to say Michael Jackson.” What is your favorite color? Avani responds, “RED love me some RED!” What is your favorite TV show or what kind of movies do you like to watch? Avani replies, “Americas Next Top Model and South Beach are my favorite shows.” Do you have any other hobbies or talents you would like to share with the Orangeverse? Avani implies, “My hobbies are my talents! I like playing basketball, love dancing and writing poetry because I am good at it. One special thing about me is that I am a history buff, the past and of course present day situations.” So you are good at handling the Rock; do not make me take you to the hole ;). Avani replies, “Smiles to my challenge.”

While you are perusing your dream, how do you pay your bills and eat? Avani states, “I have some saving, I model, I do different jobs, I make it happen!” Are you a fashion bug, do you have a favorite designer? Avani replies, “No not really, I just like what looks good on me and that is almost everything.” Would you like to leave some contact information for our readers to hit you up or follow you? Avani responds, “Yes I would, you can reach me at my twitter account, my email [email protected], my facebook account and hit me up follow me it’s going to be big!” If you could leave the readers all over the Orangeverse, what would it be? Avani, “I am not sure (smiley face).”

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