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A Phoenix Rising in the Orange Mode

Hello Miss, Desiree’ how are you doing on this beautiful day? Desiree’ replies, “I am fine and excited about my photo shoot with Orange Mode Magazine and your interview.” Tell me a little about you for the readers of the Orangeverse. Desiree’ replies, “Well, I am twenty one years of age a Mighty Leo, you see I am a feline just like Nine Livez (smiling). I am originally from Elizabethtown Ky. My Mama and I relocated to the city of Louisville in 1998. I like Louisville so much because where I am from is small, but the Ville is so cultured and refined. The majority of my loved ones live here. As I continue to follow my dreams I plan to move, just do not know where, maybe Miami! My passion is life, I live it to the fullest and I do not let anything or anybody stand in my way!”

How long have you been modeling, can you remember when you wanted to become one? Desiree’ responds, “Yes I’m new in the game! I have been wanting to model since about 2008.” Lady I love your energy, you are just so full of life, enough for everyone to have a small piece but a small piece coming from you is so big. Desiree’ responds, ‘Thank you, you are to kind. : Hakuna Matata! Ha-ha, it is just my nature to be carefree…never foolish though!” Tell us about your artistic side. Desiree’ responds, “I write poems, do a lot of local shows, give love and support to the local acts and business’s in Kentucky. As far as famous, I have worked with me, I am Phoenix Stone I am famous she says smiling.” You have a nice figure; you care to share it with our readers? Desiree’ replies, “Why thank you for noticing I try to keep it right tight, my measurements are 34-26-41 you like?” Why yes I surely do and so will the Orangeverse. Tell me how you keep that figure looking so nice. Desiree’ replies, “I workout at home, I don’t really like going to the gym unless I have a trainer.” Well I could help you in that department, you should try Nine Livez Life Support fitness program. You can do it at home or the gyms just tailor it to your needs. Desiree’ replies, “I am going to check that out thank you!”

Describe the beautiful artwork on your heavenly body and what do they mean? Desiree’ responds, “Whoo! I have lost count of all my tattoos at twenty-six! They all are very sentimental! They remind me of where I have been, where I am currently, and where I aspire to be in the future!” Well we will see them all in your issue of Orangemodemagazine, so the Orangeverse can check them out baby. Is there any one or your many tattoos that hold a very special place over the rest? Desiree’ responds, “I have a Phoenix on my back. It is very special to me. It was like rebirth, I was going through a lot before I got it, and then life turned around for me!” WOW, that is inspirational! Do you have any cover ups like you know an ex-boyfriends name or portrait. Then you broke up and were like what the hell was I thinking?  Desiree’ replies, “Actually yes I had my Ex-girlfriend’s name on my arm…I just recently covered it up!” So are you gay or bi? Desiree’ replies, “(she has a wide smile on her face) I’m bi-sexual!” Is there any one special, tattoo artist, that does your work, that you want to give a shout out to? Desiree’ replies, “Yes shouts out to my Artist Greg ‘I do Tattoos’ Wallace! He’s the best!” Tattoos are very addictive when did you get your first one and are you done with getting any more? Desiree’ replies, “I got my first tattoo at seventeen, there are so many can’t remember them all. The latest tattoos are the only ones I remember now! I will be getting a couple more before I am done, but I will not cover myself completely just artistically.”

You are a lovely and talented young lady; I am sure all the guys or gals in the Orangeverse would like to know are you single? Desiree’ replies, “Yes I am very Single! :-)” Well, ok then. If you had your choice of any man or woman in the world who would that be? Desiree’ replies, “Hmmm, good question! I am going to have to go with Rhianna. She seems like so much fun!” I am not going to ask what you would do with her; I will leave it up to our reader’s imagination in the Orangeverse. Wink, wink! Do you have any children? Desiree’ replies, “Team No Kids!” maybe one day but not now.” What would you say your best attribute is? Desiree’ replies, “My eyes! People are always trying to figure out what my eyes say.” No, they are trying to figure out how to get them to respond to their questions. Your eyes are very nice indeed. I would agree.

With your sexuality, and your career path how is your support chain? Desiree’ responds, “Wonderful! My mom is my biggest supporter she is always showing somebody, anybody, everybody my pictures and the music videos I have been in! The rest of my friends and family are very supportive as well.” Do you have any other positive influences in your life you would like to share? What inspires you? Desiree’ responds, “My Grandmother! She inspires me I wish to be like her when I get her age because she never lets her age or anything slow her down! She’s on the move just as much as I am!”  Sweet, what kinds of music do you like or listen to? What is on your playlist? Desiree’ replies, “Bob Marley is my all time favorite! But I love music so I listen to just about everything!”

Do you dance? Better yet, can you dance? Desiree’ replies, “Hahahaha! Yes, I can dance! Do not make me put it on you (smiling). I blush and smile uncontrollably. What are some clubs you would recommend? What would you recommend to someone who visits your city? Desiree’ responds, “The best place I would suggest is 4th Street Live! The music selection is good and there are like 3-4 different clubs you can go to in one area!” Do you drink and if so what is your favorite drink? Desiree’ responds, “I drink a little. I like sweet, fruity drinks!” How did I know that? Lol what is your favorite color? Desiree’ replies, “The color purple!” Why the color purple, are you in love with Barney, just playing but is there a reason for this color? Desiree’ responds, “I’m actually terrified of Barney! Since a kid…but it looks good on me and it’s such a rich color!” I think everything looks great on you! Do you have any other hobbies or special talents? Desiree’ replies, “I collect Marilyn Monroe posters, movies, etc…I just love her!” You are way too cool, do you know that? Desiree’ reply’s, “Yea I know, I’m a real cool girl…everybody likes me (that I know of).” What is your favorite TV show or Movies? Desiree’ replies, “My favorite two movies are The Last Dragon and Shottas!” Classic, I like both of those as well!

While pursuing your dream, what do you do to pay the bills? Desiree’ replies, “I do hair, work parties, and modeling gigs.” Do you have a favorite designer? Desiree’ replies, “I don’t have a favorite, just whatever catches my eye!” Where do you see yourself in 2 to 3 years still following your dreams? Desiree’ replies, “Yes I plan on having made my millionth dollar in 3yrs.” In your everyday life, where can you be seen? Desiree’ responds, “I’m everywhere! I am always into something so I never stay in one place! I can be seen everywhere!” What is some of your contact information for our readers can get a hold of you? Desiree’ responds, “The Orangeverse can follow me on twitter @ThePhoenixStone and you could leave the Orange Mode readers anything what would it be besides make sure you get your Nine Livez on? Desiree’ replies, “Keep Reading, Keep supporting! Subscribe! Whatever you do make sure you read and support every issue of this magazine! Keep on checking for me, I am going worldwide A Phoenix Rising! 




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