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Meet Mirna Long from Lebanon

Hello Mirna, how are you doing? Mirna replies, “I am well and you?” I am good as well, thank you for sharing your story with the readers of Orange Mode Magazine. You are from Lebanon correct? Mirna replies, “Yes I am.” Tell us some basic information about you. Mirna replies, “I am 48 years of age, a Gemini and my passion are the following: travelling, sun bathing, shopping, skiing, eating, partying, classical music, reading and sudoku.” You are a multilayered and rounded woman. Out of all these passions which one would you say is your favorite and why? Mirna replies, “Traveling is my passion, as I love to know other cultures, discover hidden places, visiting great historical sites, try exotic food, shopping and relaxing. There are still lots of countries on my list of travels and I am hoping that my gorgeous husband would join me.”

You are from Lebanon, but you live in Kuwait, how did that come to be? Mirna replies, “I came to Kuwait in 2001 with my ex-husband, where he had a job opportunity.” What do you like best about Kuwait and what do you dislike the most? Mirna replies, “I like the sun, variety of dining places, friends, comfort and of course shopping.” When is the last time you been back to Lebanon? Do you have immediate family there? Mirna replies, “A couple of weeks ago. I go there often, since it is not far from Kuwait (1h 50m by plane). I still have two sisters and lots of nieces and nephews, aunties, uncles and cousins in my home country.” Do you talk to your family there often? Mirna replies, “Almost every day, thanks to Skype.” How many languages can you speak? Mirna replies, “Arabic, French and English” Wow that is so nice I bet being multilingual, did you learn most or all of them growing up as a child. Was any of these languages mandatory in school growing up as a child in Lebanon? Mirna replies, “Arabic and French were a must.”

Do you have memories of Lebanon as a child? Mirna replies, “I come from a large family so lots of memories. The most things I remember though is the war, but that made us closer as a family.” War with whom (which country and what is the worst time or thing you remember? Mirna replies, “At first the war had started between Lebanese and Palestinian, then it developed to be a civil war, afterwards the Syrian Lebanese war. The worst thing I remember of the war, that one time the bombing had stopped and since I was the most courageous in my family, I left the shelter to go home and pick up something. On the way back to the shelter they started bombing again and I could hear the bombs falling around very close by, so I ran to the shelter scared and trembling and when I arrived to the shelter I collapsed and cried as I did not believe that I made it. I had good memories of the war as well. I remember that my parents had hosted a family (the mum, the dad, their 5 kids) we did not know how they escaped from Beirut and they lived with us for about 3 to 4 months.We used to play cards, take walks, watch TV, eat together and do housework as a big family. Everybody had a duty to help each other” Can you remember a time as a child their not being a war? Mirna replies, “Sure, I remember the big family lunches every Sunday, playing with my friends hide and seek, inventing plays and inviting other people to watch, the beaches, the picnics, my mum teaching us, helping my mum cooking, fighting with my sisters” Is your country currently at war and if not when did it end and how did it feel for you and your family? Mirna replies, “The real war ended in 1990, I was living in Montreal at that time but I am pretty sure that it was a relief for everybody over there.

How many brothers and sisters do you have and where do you fit in, by order of being born? Mirna replies,”We are seven girls. I told you I come from a large family. I am number six.” Your poor father, as a father I could not imagine having that many daughters. I would have to fight off all the young men in your country or any country. Did your father have issues with boys trying to get at his little ladies? Did you ladies give him problems you know, sneaking out and covering for each other? Mirna replies, “I had very open minded parents, they gave us a freedom and they trusted us and we have respected them for that. They insisted on meeting our girlfriends and boyfriends so they know who we were hanging out with. There were lots of dinners and socializing going on in my family. They were great parents. I would not trade them for anybody else. I miss them truly. We used to have girls fight over clothes but nothing major. We were very united and we still are, if one of us is in difficulty, we help each other and we are there for each other until today, although we are scattered in this big world. There were times where we covered for each other, but we never sneaked out as my parents were very understanding” Describe how you feel being the 6thchild. Mirna replies, “A Brilliant feeling. Very spoiled, everything was done for me (the best life, really).” In the Lebanese education center when did you know what you wanted to be or start studying for your adult career? Mirna replies, “Like anywhere else, you changed your mind every year, but you really had a bigger picture when you are in Tenth grade.”

What did you want to be when you grew up? Mirna replies, “I wanted to do something to help people, I studied business in Human Resources in school. My dream was to own and operate my own Spa, where I can makeover people! My Mum used to tell me that I would do great as a lawyer because I am always debating people. 😉 … I am working as an Executive Secretary and I enjoy it a lot.” I understand you have traveled a lot and what other foreign countries have you been to and describe them to our readers? Mirna replies, “I have traveled to many countries. I lived in Canada for about five years where I worked and studied. I had a great time over there. I enjoyed the best hiking, skiing, partying and socializing. I also lived in Ireland for about 18 months. Ireland is a beautiful country. The scenery is breathtaking. I hiked quite a bit. I bet I walked over 100 miles. Dublin has its own charm. I used to go to Dublin every Saturday shopping and sitting in a café people watching. I have been to France skiing in the Alps and visited Paris. There are so many things to do in Paris; it is a very charming city with lots of museums, good food and great wine. Spain is another nice country. I have been to Spain several times. It has the European and Arabic touch. They have nice beaches, nice food and nice wine. Sweden is another country I have visited several times as well. I preferred the summer in Sweden, walking in Stockholm. They have the best ice cream. England is nice. I love the history over there, the old castles, the scenery, the pubs. London is nice. Lots of things to do over there, shopping is great in London and lots of walking. Dubai is an escape for us in Kuwait when you need badly a drink as Kuwait is a dry country. I have been to Bahrain, Syria, Jordan (especially the dead sea was a great experience), Belgium, Greece, Hawaii, California, Virginia, New York, Vermont (skiing & hiking), New England (skiing & hiking), Thailand, and my last major trip where I had the best time of my life was to Bali, Indonesia where I married the love of my life.” WOW you are really a world traveler. People all over the Orangeverse would love to visit some of the places you have been. Which one did you like the best, which one would you recommend and why? Mirna reply, “I loved Ireland despite the rain but, the scenery is breathtaking and there a lot of things to do. Bali is so romantic and the stretch of beaches is beautiful. As I love big cities Paris, London and Stockholm are a must to see, and of course Lebanon for its scenery, night life dining and drinking.

I see, the ring on your finger, are you married? Mirna replies, “Yes I am happily married to the best man in the entire world. He is caring, loves me to bits with all my vices, he is cute, funny, understanding and my soul mate.” What makes him that way? Mirna replies, “I would say our relationship, our open communication and me being myself when I am around him.” Now that is a great guy, I wish that for all the people of the Orangeverse! Ladies follow Mirna’s lead and don’t settle until you meet your Mr. Right! Do you have any children? Do you want children? Mirna replies, “I have a great boy. He is 12 now. He is the light of my life.” Tell us something funny he does to make his mother light up? Mirna replies, “Jad, my son, loves to imitate different accents from different countries and he is very good at it. He tells me jokes, which crack me up. The best one is when he gives me a big hug and a big kiss and tells me that he loves me more than I love him. We have a strong relationship, a mum and son relationship. What more can I ask for?”

What would you say your best attribute is? Mirna replies, “I am forgiving, I love unconditionally, and I am a very assertive person. I am an independent strong willed, funny lady. I am big with socializing and entertaining guest during events.” How is your support chain (family)? Mirna replies, “We support each other. If any of my sisters need any kind of support morally or financially, we are always there for each other.” That is what a family is supposed to do and be about. Listen up Orangeverse, another example we can learn from Mirna! Do you have any other positive influences in your life, what inspires you? Mirna replies, “My Mum and Mother Theresa inspired me a lot, they both are lovingwith giving personalities, each unconditionally.”

Lebanon is known for being a party country with wild parties and just outright fun! Mirna replies, “Bingo. The night life in Lebanon is grandiose. There is something for everybody.” Tell us about the craziest party you attended and why? Mirna replies, “It was in Montreal for my 28thbirthday. We did club hopping. The crowd was great and we had a great time. I love dancing and I dance very well.” Can your husband dance? Mirna replies, “Yes we did dance in Kuwait once, soon after we started dating. I really wish that we start going out dancing again,once we are reunited. He works in Afghanistan for the time being and hopefully we will be together forever by the end of this year. I am counting the days.”

What music do you like to listen to? What is on your playlist? Mirna replies, “I listen to anything, but I love to listen to classical music and dance.” What are some clubs you would recommend from your city? What would you recommend someone who visits your city check out if they had to check out one thing or place? Mirna replies, “Let’s see. You have various places to visit in Lebanon, I will name a few. Dining in Penninsula: Italian restaurant, Il Posto: Italian, Tinto’s: Spanish restaurant in downtown Beirut, chopsticks: Chinese restaurant. Pubs: Julep, Barometre (Lebanese old style), La Bastille Byblos Piano bar, Zinc Sodeco pub. There are nice pubs in Jounieh, Byblos and of course Gemmayzeh. Night club, you have Buddha bar, Beirut hall…” See this is all good answers. Now we in the Orangeverse have a guide for when we travel to beautiful Lebanon.

Do you work out or go to the gym? Mirna replies, “Unfortunately I do not, but I used to work out a lot and I will go back to my habit soon.” Let me suggest trying out the Nine Livez Life Support fitness program, it’s a killer! Mirna replies, “My husband has been training with the creator of the program and he loves it. I will have to do that, thank you for the advice!” Do you drink and if so what is your favorite drink? Mirna replies, “I love to drink. I like a good wine, Gin and Tonic, Smirnoff Ice, a cold beer, and margaritas.” What is your favorite color? Mirna replies, “I love bright colors. My favorite colors are blue, red and orange. I am a color girl.” Orange oh yea, see you belong to the Orangeverse now! Mirna just smiles! What is your favorite flower and why? Mirna replies, “I love roses, because every color tells you a story.” What is your favorite TV show or Movies? Mirna replies “Love actually and Pretty woman.” Do you have any other hobbies or special talents? Mirna replies, “I would like to work on my jewelry making skills.” When you are ready, we would like you to make something for us to show the Orangeverse. Mirna replies, “I would like that a lot, thank you.” Do you have favorite designer clothing, jewelry that type of stuff? Mirna replies, “Prada and Christian Louboutin, if I can afford. I don’t care if I wear designer or not, I like to wear colorful, nice stuff and I have been told that I have nice taste (I am not bragging). I like Italian and French handmade jewelry. I love AzzahFahmy, an Egyptian jewelry designer.”

What is some of your contact information for our readers so they can get a hold of you, if you would like? Mirna replies, “I can be reached at my facebook account (MirnaErrou Long).” If you could leave the Orange Mode Magazine readers with some good advice what would it be? Mirna replies “Live your life to the best. Life is too short to live it miserable. Pamper yourself, say I love you a lot and be surrounded by positive people!” The Orangeverse will surely take that to heart, Thank you!

Historic facts:

An interesting archaeological relic found throughout Lebanon is the hundreds of well-preserved mosaics from the Roman and Byzantine eras. Countless colorful, tiny stones form intricate images of mythological figures, religious deities, and geometric designs. The mosaic is symbolic of modern-day Lebanon, which is a country characterized by a diversity of cultures, traditions, and religions interwoven through time. It is this unique diversity which fascinates travelers.

Thanks to its location at the crossroads of Asia, Europe, and Africa, Lebanon has been shaped by many civilizations throughout history. Its position as a meeting point for diverse peoples is evident in the extraordinary richness of its archaeological sites and historical monuments. From Stone Age settlements to Phoenician city-states, from Roman temples to rock-cut Christian hermitages, from Crusader Castles to Mamluke mosques and Ottoman hammams, the country’s historical sites are a true encyclopedia of ancient and modern world history.

Modern Lebanese society is characterized by this same cultural diversity. Most Lebanese people speak Arabic, English, and French. As

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you walk the streets of downtown Beirut, you will pass domed mosques and steepled churches, reflecting the country’s religious and architectural legacies – Sunni, Shiia, and Druze Muslims; Maronite, Eastern Orthodox, and other Christians; and many others. Regionally, each part of the countryside has its own local flavor, with different villages preserving different culinary, artistic, religious, or cultural traditions. A visit to any of Lebanon’s ancient archaeological ruins, traditional villages, or religious sites will truly give you a taste of the cultural mosaic of this captivating country.

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