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Meet Barry

Barry Baeta, aka Bazza, from Pretoria, South Africa, 22-year-old Caucasian male, is a software developer for a company called Retro Rabbit.Barry’s best attribute is his loyalty, especially to the people closest to him.Friends and family are all supportive and just amazing people to be around when you need them most. His parents and two brothers, ages 19 and 27 inspire him daily. They always challenge him to be better, their support and encouragement has gotten him where he is today.

Barry is single, just waiting for that special woman. If he had a choice of any woman in the world, it would be a pick between KhloeKardashian and CharlizeTheron. His favorite part on a woman’s body is her butt. He implies, “I have to have something to grab dude and to have your hand rest on something.” He wants to travel the world some day, visit awesome places, and go on a date with KhloeKardashian. “What about Lamar? Don’t you think he will have something to say about that?”” He replies, “no we cool, haha and I’m South African…Americans like us.”

“When you are talking to ladies how do you break the ice?” Barry replies, “With a joke, being funny or serious guy. I don’t talk to ladies they talk to me and usually with a joke, something that’s relevant to the current situation.” What makes women approach you?” He says, “My awesome personality and European good looks.”

He can definitely dance, to be a white, because he is from the modern generation, they can dance.The club Barry recommends if visiting in Menlyn, Pretoria, South Africa is definitely Ty’s. You would have a great night out.

“What is your favorite alcoholic beverage of choice?” He replies, “Hunters Gold, all the way.” His favorite color is shades of blue…tranquility and peace. His favorite movies are Fringe and favorite television show is How I Met Your Mother. Barry says, “Barney Stinson for the win. “His favorite food is pasta. He has a personal trainer, Gino, cool person and he makes sure he stays on form.

Orange Mode readers food for thought, besides make sure you get your Nine Livez on. The words Nelson Mandela once said…It always seems impossible until its’ done!If looking for Barry, you can find him at the Retro Rabbit office in Pretoria East. If you need to get a hold of Barry contact:[email protected] or follow him on twitter: fallen8908.

Overview of Pretoria, South Africa

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Gauteng’s two major cities are just 50km apart, but could hardly be more different. With its graceful government buildings, wide avenues of purple flowering jacarandas, and stolid Boer farming origins, PRETORIA – or TSHWANE as the metropolitan area has now been officially renamed – has always been a staid, sleepy city. Yet although South Africa’s administrative capital was long regarded as a bastion of Afrikaner nationalism, home to the notorious Supreme Court and a massive prison, things are changing fast. Ever since democracy arrived, Pretoria has become increasingly cosmopolitan, with a substantial diplomatic community living in Arcadia and Hatfield, east of the city centre. Furthermore, most Pretorians are not Afrikaans, but Pedi and Tswana, and the change of government has brought many more middle-class blacks into the ranks of civil servants living in the capital. The city’s Afrikaans community is hardly monolithic, either: alongside the old-school khaki-shorted types, there are thousands of students, a progressive art scene and a thriving Afrikaans gay and lesbian community.

Pretoria is close enough to Johannesburg’s airport to provide a practical alternative base in Gauteng. It feels safer and less spread out than Johannesburg (though do not make the blithe assumption that Pretoria is crime-free), there are more conventional sights, and the nightlife is energetic and fun.

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