Fitness Advice: Develop a No Quit Attitude


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No Quit! Develop a No Quit Attitude

When you first start decide that you do not like yourself for whatever reason and there could be many. I don’t like the way my clothes fit, I don’t like the way people look at me, I am unfit. So what do you do about it? Do we continue to offer excuses about why we can’t feel good about ourselves?


I have no time to work out

I do not have equipment to work out

I do not have someone to work out with

I hate the way people look at me when I am working out

I love food

I don’t have the will power to stop eating

I am depressed

Working out takes away from something else

No Quitting – No Excuses

Let’s address number one, there is always time to work out. If you just move, jog in place, do pushups, pull-ups, You do not need equipment to work out you can use your body weight to perform the several of the exercises above.

You have to learn to rely on yourself and not someone to get you where you need to be, it is you who got you to your unhappy place you are now at. Listen we all have our problems no one in the gym cares what you look like!

We all love food and need food to survive. Only through sacrifice can you achieve your goal You must get it in your mind that you can do without the extra portion of food. You must steer clear of temptation and people who do not share your transformation. Depression is a real disease that affects many humans every second of every year. How you deal with your depression about your health or appearance is up to you! You must sacrifice something to get something. Nothing is given it is earned!

People write books and talk shows talk about this very subject every day. It is a multibillion dollar industry. I am not a doctor, healthcare provider, or personal trainer. I only know what has worked for me once I decided within me to make the CHANGE! It is within every human being to change their very situation. We can choose to rise above the challenges or adversity we face or sit in the darkness that it is. I choose the later of these two situations. I will become more than which I am now! NO QUIT!

Click image below to see the 9 Life Support Self Goals:

Life Support: 9 rules to live by
Life Support: 9 rules to live by

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  1. Tillie

    Thanks for the advice. It is very useful and I will incorporate it into my exercise routine.


  2. Naomi

    The class was excellent, the motivation and the drive is there if the will is not.

    Glad I got to experience the burn and energy!!!!


  3. Randall Long

    A no quit attittude is definitely the key. If you follow this great advice with Tarry Bailey you will see a difference in your life and body. The best workout I have ever tried…


  4. April

    When you feel you can’t go on don’t give up on yourself. Tarry my friend this is maybe the most committed I have been I a long time, so a big thanks and a thank you to myself. I think when you deside to get in shape and improve your life you need to take a moment and thank youself, do this for yourself.


  5. matthew wogerman

    i agree with every thing you said here. only person can get you to work out is yourself. there is a saying you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. you have to have it upon yourself to motivate and have self discipline to keep fighting towards your dream and goals. have pride in yourself should be enough drive to keep going. thanks for the advice


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