Fit to Fight – Tarry Bailey


“Fit to Fight!” Is a phrase often used in the military to help instill a culture of physical fitness and wellness. Few embody the spirit of the phrase like Tarry Bailey.

Bailey began his commitment to serve and to fitness in 1989 when he enlisted in the US Navy. “I went through Naval Training Center, San Diego for my basic training, and then on to school as a radioman”. Bailey recalled. After serving 3 years in the Navy and rising to the rank of Radioman, 3rd Class, Bailey separated from active duty and entered the Naval Reserves.

Although he completed his naval service, Bailey still wanted to serve. “I decided to come back on active duty and enlisted in the Army as a Signal Support Systems Specialist in 1998, going through Basic Training at Ft. Benning, Ga.”, Bailey said.

While stationed in Ansbach, Germany in 1999, Bailey became interested in power lifting and began a new era in his life, a passion for fitness and helping others achieve their fitness goals.

After transitioning again from active duty, Bailey joined the Kentucky National Guard in 2003 and was honorably discharged in 2003. He received a disability rating for injuries he sustained while on active duty. His love of service prompted him to continue his work with the military as a network and systems information engineer. It was during this period that Bailey was able to overcome his own medical issues and continue to better himself in the area of fitness.

“I wanted to develop a program for people who had fitness challenges”, Bailey said, “Some people have injuries that prevent them from participating in certain programs or simply haven’t had the guidance or advice to make effective changes to their fitness routines.” Bailey began helping others with fitness in earnest during a 2004 deployment to Afghanistan.

“While deployed to Baghram Air Base, I began teaching aerobics and Tai-Bo classes.” Bailey said. This eventually culminated in the opportunity to conduct a class with Tai-Bo creator Billy Blanks, who had made a troop morale visit to Afghanistan. “That was really the highlight of that tour, getting to teach a Tai-Bo class with Billy Blanks himself.”

Bailey’s tour in Baghram concluded with him placing 3rd in his first body-building competition in 2008.

It was in 2009, at the beginning of his deployment to Camp Stone, Herat province, as the Regional Support Command, West (RSC-W) Telecommunications Field Service Representative for all Afghan National Police (ANP) HF and VHF communications that Bailey began developing his own style of workout routine.

“It all started out with Insanity, Tai-Bo and other fitness routines”, Bailey recalled. “The problem with that was it was not sustainable for everyone.” Bailey tried various other programs, eventually coming to the realization that a blend of programs focusing on strength training, stretching and cardio would be best suited for teaching the different body types and needs in his classes.

Bailey’s mix of styles and programs would see success at Camp Stone, with nightly classes attended by more than 25 participants every night. According to Bailey, the success of the program is in its participants. “It’s really about being a family support network for the participants, everyone really supports one another and that makes all the difference in achieving your fitness goals.”

With the energy and spirit Bailey has brought to his career thus far, it is certain that wherever life takes him following his tour at Camp Stone, he will be fit to fight.



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