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Melinda “MEL” Vasquez keeping it 100 with the Orangeverse

Well, well hello MEL. You are smoking hot and look to be serious about your business. Melinda responds, “I am serious about my money and getting work accomplished!” Don’t get me wrong I have fun to but when it’s time for work let’s get it done and done right.” Tell the Orangeverse a little about you. Mel responds, “I am a Virgo, my full name is Melinda Vasquez, I am from the West end of Louisville Ky, (Smoke town). My passion in life is giving back, helping people and communities rise up above where they currently are in life.” Vasquez, that is a Hispanic name, and you have an exotic look are you mixed? Mel replies, “No I am Caucasian, but I am very exotic.”

You have a very nice frame for a small lady, what are your measurements? Mel responds, “Fuck if I know…..small, smaller, little bit thicker…LOL, as she smiles.” Listen lady you wear it very well, and I am sure the Orangeverse will back me up on this fact! How do you keep that hotness hot? Mel responds, “I train my body at home and I am going to try the Nine Livez Life Support fit program, it looks to be real fun.” Let me tell you it is and I have transformed by body back to when I was 20 years old. I am not going to tell you my age so do not ask.

You have a lot of nice artwork on your body. Which one do you hold more over all others? Mel responds, “It is the one on my back, it reads Only God Shall Judge Me I stand by this 100%.” You are a lovely, talented and giving young woman; I am sure all the guys out in the Orangeverse would like to know are you single? Mel replies, “NO…MARRIED, but I am always networking.” I am sure the men and some woman are very disappointed, but happy you are not completely closed off. If you had your dream man, besides your husband who would it be? Mel responds, “TYRESE, he is the Total Package.”

Do you have any children? Mel replies,  “Oh YES I have three beautiful children, my son Daniel 16 years old, my daughter  Makhola she is thirteen and my youngest little lady Jahdesa whom is sixteen months old.” Tell us something about each of your children that make you smile and what gets your nerves going? Mel takes a pause and then answers, “I would have to say watching my son sing in Choir puts a big smile on my face.  He is a beautiful singer and I hope he continues to pursue his passion.  Makhola definitely brings a smile to my face when she dances.  She has always danced at home, as well at school on the dance team.  As far as my little lady Jah’Desa; everything she does makes me smile.  She is quite the monkey and loves to climb onto or up everything!” Lol I do have teenagers and I am sure many parents share this problem as well. When you ask your teenager to complete a simple task you get back talk or they give you back sarcastic replies. Trust me though I know how to handle that tough.  Jah’Desa more less loves to grab anything but mostly her favorite is to unplug my laptop and make a game of it. Lol she is very smart and quickly plugs the power supply back in.  Parenting is never easy; but I would not change my life for anything. My children are what make me who I am!”

What would you say your best attribute is? Mel responds, “my deep blue eyes, what do you think?” Oh, sorry what did you say I was lost in your deep blue eyes, ;)? You are helping many people in your community and working on your promotions business. Where do you find support from when you need it? Mel replies, “My family, and a very select group of friends, my support chain isn’t that big but it’s all MINE!”  What is your favorite flower and why?  Mel responds,” My favorite flower is definitely the Orchid. I have numerous tattooed on my right foot as well as on my body. The Orchid represents strength and I can always use more…”

Do you dance with those sexy legs? Mel responds, “YES Love to dance!”  What are some clubs you would recommend from your city? What would you recommend someone who visits your city check out? Mel responds, “Club 116, Jim Porters, Cheers, and JT. Shit all of them, you can’t go wrong in the Ville baby! LOL” Do you drink and if so what is your favorite drink? Mel responds, “Occasionally and my favorite drink would be a mix with Tangueray with Papaya.” That sounds like a great mix…is it sweet? Describe the flavor. Mel responds, “Well that’s funny because without the Papaya; Tangueray almost tastes like gasoline! However; with the right amount of juice it becomes a smooth, sweet, sneak up on your ass kind of drink!”  I have to try that one for sure.

What is your favorite color? Mel responds, “Black baby.”  Well Mel that is half of our colors scheme and you look great in Orange as well! What do you like to watch on TV and the Silver Screen? Mel responds, “As far as TV shows go True Blood and Grey’s Anatomy. I love Avatar.” Do you have any other hobbies or special talents? Mel responds,” I am really into fitness and I am a great shot, I love the gun range.” What is your favorite gun to shoot? Mel responds, “My favorite gun would have to be my baby… Smith & Wesson 38 Revolver, Hammerless and Air-weight. It weighs less than a pound and packs a punch!” Ok Annie Oakley I will not be making you angry!  While pursuing your dream, what do you do to pay the bills? Mel responds, “I am a professional driver and I run a property management business.” Do you have favorite designer? Mel responds, “I love my Louis Vuitton and GUCCI! THEY ARE A MUST.

Do you have any other positive influences in your life, what inspires you? Mel responds, “I would have to say my beautiful, wonderful children inspire me. I am always amazed at how talented and artistic they have become and continue to grow!

If you could leave the Orange Mode readers anything, what would it be, besides make sure you get your Nine Livez on? Mel responds, “FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!” You can get a hold of Mel for promotions and booking at her Twitter: VASQUEZMELINDA and her Facebook: Melinda Vasquez. You can email her at [email protected] , [email protected].com. Her website is Below is some life experience Mel would like to share with the Orangeverse:

Growing up in the east end of Louisville, aka Smoke town/Shelby Park area you quickly learned to fight or get your ass beat; it was not the best part of town to live in.  I was the only girl amongst four children raised by my single mother.  Having three brothers was often a life of sports and wrestling or fighting.  Did not seem to be any Barbie’s or baby dolls around the house.   No power, no water, very few Christmases with presents were a normal part of life for my family.  Food stamps were a luxury as well as free cheese!  I can still remember having to go to the local corner store at least twice daily to spend only 25 cents worth of the $1 food stamp just so we could get the change back to go swimming at Shelby Park.  More times than none, we were breaking the food stamps to get moms a pack of cigarettes.  My brothers and I had to share clothes and shoes; often times having to wear the same clothes more than once a week.  Growing up, I never really had many friends due to my financial status.  Of course, it does tend to bother one to know that you do not fit in due to the type of clothes you wear or the name brand of shoes you do not have on your feet.

During my 7th & 8th grade years, I did manage to make the cheerleading team for Meyzeek Middle School.   Due to my size and flexibility, I did quite well and was always on top.   I only made the team because the counselors felt sorry for me and paid my dues.  I never seem to think I was the only poor child out there.  I can still recall participating in a food drive at school for a chance to win a Super Nintendo.  I had went through my old toys and all of our commodity can goods which mom would have never allowed me to give away; and submitted a bag full of items in hopes of winning the game system.   I often wonder if I won because I was the poor child.

My life continued to get harder due to my decisions of course.  At merely the age of 15, I became pregnant by my first real boyfriend.   Being that my mother was a virgin at marriage, I knew this was unacceptable and hid my pregnancy while obtaining prenatal care at the local clinic.  To complicate matters for some; I was in an interracial relationship.  Race was never an issue in my home and my mother had raised us to see no color.  This did not stand true for my other family members; however, my mother dealt with much more of the gossip than I did.

At the time of my pregnancy, I was a junior in high school, as I had skipped my freshmen year due to being advanced in Math and Science.  During that summer, I worked over 40 hours a week in the heat and walked over three miles each way while carrying my son in the womb.  I knew my mother could not afford to take care of me, much less a new baby.

Just before my senior year began, I gave birth to my son, Daniel on July 17, 1995.  At the time, I was returning to Iroquois High School with a newborn baby only 5 weeks old.  Our school had a daycare onsite, which allowed students to continue their education and be close to their children while doing so.  The downfall was no transportation could be provided.  The first few months of school I was forced to catch two TARC (Transit Authority of River City)  buses while carrying my son, a stroller, a diaper bag, and of course my backpack.  None of which was easy considering I was all of about 110 lbs.

Shortly after my senior year started, I was given housing in Iroquois Homes (Projects) which was much closer to school.  I only had to catch one TARC (Transit Authority of River City) bus rather than two.  Not that this neither was the safest nor most secure place to live for anyone, much less a young teenage white female, but I made the best of it.  I did manage to graduate and was later featured in Today’s Woman Magazine as a teen mom.  The magazine awarded the school enough funds to gain transportation for the mom’s still in school.

After high school, I did go to college and continued to raise my son.  I managed to save enough money to move out of the projects and got my own apartment.  Being a single parent, I did have to put school on hold while working and raising my son.   Eventually, I was able to complete a Business Management and Business Administration degree.  I have also completed Real Estate school and I am currently finishing a Humanities degree.  I enjoy all aspects of sales, especially marketing and promotions.  I have had the opportunity to work in many genres of construction, including demolition, where I was able to operate a front-end loader, bulldozer and demo a few houses.  Being a woman does not always limit your abilities to do anything you so choose.

As far as my current financial status; I do not consider myself wealthy; but I am definitely comfortable.  I am able to give my children many things I did not have the luxury of owning.  My true passion is to give back to others and I hope I can continue to do so.  I am currently President of the Lyndon Lions Club, a nonprofit volunteer organization.  I truly enjoy working with fellow Lions to help others in need and look forward to growing our club.   We are always looking for new members and projects to be involved.

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