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Name: Sharee Nurse

Passion: Singer/Song Writer

Sharee Nurse, aka ReRe, from Louisville, Kentucky, a beautiful African American / Korean young woman plays music for the Lord. She has been expressing her artistic side since she was younger. She, her friends and sister would make up dances and perform for their families. Her best attribute is she is outgoing, loves meeting new people, making new friends and likes making people laugh. A positive influence in Sharee’s life is number one, God, her parents, and close friends.

She did not join choir until her 6th grade year in middle school, which is when she discovered and got to know her voice. This past summer she won a talent show at a youth camp in Nashville. Sharee recently traveled with RAVE ministries on their “Daughters Tour”, they are motivational speakers for women of all ages. She sang three of her original songs on the tour in Alabama, Atlanta, and Nashville. Sadly, she has not worked with anyone famous but it is a dream.

Staci, her sister produced her video, and she is AMAZING. They are close, so it was lots of fun working with her. Sharee felt like

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a real client instead of just “the little sister”. Staci supports ReRe’s musical dream and ReRe is all for her sister’s photography and videographer dream. Her inspiration for her song and music is God. He gave her the gifts and she is using them for His glory. She never really “Fit in” at school. She always was “That Christian girl”, “Goodie Two Shoes”, or just plain weird. Sharee was teased in school and she always took it hard. God made her realize that her differences are the things that make her unique and “Perfectly Imperfect”.

Her favorite colors are Blue, Green, Pink, and Yellow! Her hobby is making goofy faces and she is a good actor. You can find Sharee at school and church because that is where she spends most of her time. At this point in her life, she is single, living her life for the Lord.

Orange Mode readers food for thought, besides make sure you get your Nine Livez on. Aim high and go for your dreams, because nothing is impossible through God. The best way to contact Sharee is through Facebook. She will make a special page because she does not accept random people to be her friend on her personal page.

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