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Look who is in the Orange Mode:

Kid Dynomite, AKA KD, age 24, Gemini, from Harrisburg, Pa, is Black, White, American Indian, and his passion is music and all things creative (i.e. acting, modeling, etc.). He is a part time audio engineer and works a little part time job selling e-cigs. What inspires you to write it, sing or do what it is you do? How would you describe your musical sound? He says, ”My inspiration comes from everything and everyone around me. I am a hip hop artist, but I like to add a little rock feel as well to my stuff.” How and who is your support chain when it comes to supporting your talents and goals? He replies, ”My parents are my biggest support team, but all my friends and family are really supportive.”

How long have you been expressing your artistic side? He says, “Pretty much all my life. I started in music, playing the trumpet at age 8, and then moved to song writing at age 11. I started recording and mixing myself at age 16.

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Age 19, I went to Full Sail University for Recording Arts (Associates degree for Audio Engineering) and Music Business (Bachelors degree).“ What else have you done using your artistic skill and have you worked with anyone famous? He says, ”I have not really worked directly with anyone famous, just yet, but I did open up for Bubba Sparxxx in Philadelphia and Canibus in Allentown.”

Who shot and produced your video if you have one? He says, “Out in LA I shot a music video for
my new single coming out, very soon, called “All I Want is You”, shot & directed by Tim Arnold.” Do you have any musical or other positive influences in your life? What or who inspires you? He replies, ”Well, currently my very good friends Chris (aka Thelonius) & Khyre (aka JJ), have really been a big help as far as getting me to think & write even more conceptually than I have ever before. They are some of the most creative people I know.”

You are a talented young man; I am sure all the ladies out in the Orangeverse would like to know are you single? He implies, ”Haha, um, let’s just say that I am a flirt and enjoy flirting a lot!.” What is your favorite body part or what do you like most about a young lady? He replies, ”I am an ass guy all the way!“ If you had your choice of any woman in the world what woman would you like to get at (romantically that is)? He says, ”Well if you ask anybody I know, they will agree with me 100%. I am super attracted to Rihanna!” Do you have any children? He says, “Yes I do. I have a daughter, her name is Syncere and she is five.”

Do you have any tattoos and do they have a special meaning? He implies, “Currently I have 8 and counting LOL, but my most special tattoo to me is the one about my Great Grandmother who passed away a few years ago.” Do you dance? He says, ”No, I use to, but now I am just trying to be the guy who makes others dance haha.” Do you workout or go to the gym? He says, “I do workout. I have to keep this body looking good for the ladies!” What are some clubs you would recommend from your city? What would you recommend someone who visits your city check out if they had to check out one thing or place? He says, “Downtown one of my favorite places to go is the Hardware Bar, but depending on time of year, you should go up to Hershey Park and spend a day. If you’re into educational things, go to the Civil War Museum that is downtown.”

His favorite colors are red, black and blue, but red is his number one. He does not have a favorite television show, but he is a fan of Castle & Law and Order SVU and his favorite movie is Stomp the Yard. He says, “Don’t judge me LOL.“ What is your favorite club and drink? He implies, ”I do not have a favorite club, but if I had to pick one, I would say the Hardware Bar, downtown Harrisburg. I do have a favorite drink, Captain & Coke.“ Do you have any other hobbies or special talents? He says,” Even though I do not like to, I am actually not too bad at cooking. (Shhh do not tell anybody though LOL).”

If you need to find Kid Dynomite, he is mostly home working on music, but you can catch him at the malls, gas stations, clubs/bars, restaurants, anywhere. You can contact him at www.facebook.com/KidDynomite717, twitter@Kid_Dynomite717), www.youtube.com/ KidDynomite717, www.reverbnation.com/KidDynomite or for business inquiries; you can email him at [email protected]. Check out my new single “All I Want is You” & tell everyone you know! Oh & GET YOUR NINE LIVEZ ON! – KD


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