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Orange Mode goes Hollywood

Vital Signs:

Name: Howard Hunt

Nick Name: Hollywood

Age or Sign: Aries

Hometown: Currently living in Atlanta

Ethnicity: Black (sort of)

Passion: Entertaining and believe it or not, talking about politics

O&A session:

OM: What did you want to be growing up as a child? When did you know that you wanted to be a Comedian?

HH: Actually, I wanted to be a dentist when I was a teenager. I had the best dentist growing up near Jacksonville, Arkansas. Then when I saw all the nasty mouths that he would see and the posters that were in his office, I quickly changed my mind. My bedside manners were not that good laughing at people all the time. I always loved talking shit and when I got out of the Army, I wanted to try it and thought I would. I went down to the Improv in Tampa, FL and got my first chance. My heart beat so fast, I forgot everything I wrote down and made up most of my routine on the spot.

OM: WOW that was so brave congrats man. Have you always been able to make people laugh, tell us a story of when you were younger, and how you entertained your family?

HH: I was a square growing up. My only outlet was playing sports and so I would not get talked about. My big glasses, high top fade and the fact that I had a stutter was not funny to me but to everyone else apparently. Then I learned the art of “playing the dozens” where I would joke on folks about their mommas and what they were wearing. Over time in high school and college, I realized I did not get embarrassed anymore and my confidence rose higher and became a bit vain but became funny while doing it.

OM: That is great being able to overcome that type of hardship as a child. How did your parents and family feel about you being funny and a clown entertaining them? Did they support your dream of becoming a famous comedian?

HH: Well I have not quite become famous yet and still working on that part. My mother loves it and is always asking about my comedy. I have performed for her for years and she was the first one to call me retarded (no offense). I continued to build on it and now everyone says I have no sense whatsoever. She always knew I loved the spotlight since I was a kid. She is my rock!

Om: What or Whom inspires you to follow your dream. Who are some of your influences and is there any comedian from the past and from present day that you would like to emulate?

HH: There are several. The Kings of Comedy are my biggest. God bless Bernie Mac. They did not get famous until they were in their mid 30’s and since I am there myself, I realize that my dream can be accomplished. I grew up watching Eddie Murphy and thought he was the best during that time. I know every word of his earlier movies. Boomerang was my theme movie for years and I suppose I sometimes still act like Marcus Graham.

OM: Hahahha for sure, they are mines as well, and yes, Orangeverse is does sometime at like Marcus Graham but he really is a sweetheart. How would you describe your style of comedy?

HH: I would have to say situational and familiar. I believe that things that are true to me seem to be the funniest to other people. Making up stuff can be good sometimes too but I think that most people love laughing at themselves when they see issues in someone else.

OM: Do you have any other positive influences in your life, what or who inspires you?

HH: My children are my life. I recently let them know that what Daddy does is to make them proud of him. I want to be someone that they can admire and talk highly of. That they will never have to be embarrassed because of their father!

OM: Do you have any formal comedic training, if so how and where did you go to school at?

HH: My formal training is life training. I have instruction in acting. I have done a lot of improv or adlibbing while performing; I am quick on my feet. The real true training is getting on stage and perfecting your craft. I do not always have a good night but when I do, it is like a drug, there is nothing like it. You have to have it again and again. I still get butterflies initially but after that first laugh I tune into a different mode and it is on and popping then. The audience is mines.

OM: I hope it is the Orange Mode! Have you won any competitions or do you have a special award you have achieved or were given?

HH: Not yet, I do plan to enter more this year. After spending a considerable amount of time working as a government contractor overseas it was had perfecting my craft. I was away from my passion for so long. I have dedicated this year to rebuilding my craft so keep a lookout. I plan to get very dangerous here in the very near future.

OM: For sure, For sure and we will do a follow up with you when you are ready brother. I understand you are a TV star; you were on an Episode of one of Tyler Perry’s TV show? What show was that and how was it. What did it entail? Details brother

HH: I would not call it a star episode but my family and friends love the fact that I was in the show. I still laugh at it. It was an episode in season 2 where there was a bank robbery. I was the security guard who was all big and then turned to straight punk when the gun came out, I had fun, and wish that there were other opportunities after that. I did look good on TV though. I had done lower budget films that I actually had speaking roles but they did not make it to the screen in most areas. Tyler Perry, being who he is, has much more influence in Atlanta.

OM: Still nice, I saw that screen and you were real convincing. I know this person Orange verse and he is no punk, but he was able to channel his inner punk on screen and made it quite believable. So if you need someone who can transform himself. You have to get at Hollywood! Where else have you performed your craft?

HH: I started performing comedy regularly when I first moved to Tampa, at the Improv, Bonkers, Coconuts all in Florida and a few no name places in hotels. Since moving to Atlanta, I mostly perform at the Punchline Comedy Club and some areas such as Laughing Skull and even did a time at Uptown Comedy in Atlanta. I have hit the club in my family’s hometown in Louisville at the Comedy Caravan when I travel there from time to time.

OM: What would you say your greatest accomplishment as a comedian is and what do you see this art form taking you?

HH: Honestly, those who allow either you to perform or the peers who are struggling are recognizing it. Just like me trying to make it and getting kudos from them are the best so far. I have a drive to perform and succeed and so I want to make it to where I am travelling the country and the world doing what I love. Move into radio and TV. I love entertaining and talking a lot. Eventually would love to help others achieve their goals as I still have a heart for service to people and community.

OM: It will happen and that is awesome you wanting other to achieve their goals as well. So you were in the US Military and a US Contractor for a number of years how was that?

HH: Love the military, and what it does and whom it made me. I fought it at first but then when I embraced the Army I enjoyed my time, especially in Special Operations support. I had more good times than bad. I still take time one weekend a month. I think I will be a soldier for life. After active duty, I contracted for several companies in the defense field, met many people, and travelled the world doing it. It has its advantages and disadvantages but I have learned more about myself. Time to stay home a while and get my comedy back on track though. Maybe that is why I am not as famous as I want to be yet. LOL

OM: God bless you for serving our country and help keep our freedoms safe here in the US and around the Globe and it will happen you have the dedication and drive!

HH: It has been my pleasure. The service men and women of this country are the true superstars, not to mention those contractors as well. They may get paid a lot overseas but things just wouldn’t run without them, so God bless them in all they do.

OM: For sure great “Shout OUT” While you are following your dream, how do you keep the lights on, what is your job or career?

HH: Good question, times do get hard as they do for most people. I was just unemployed for the last 6 months but God stepped in right before the lights did go off. I am back to work here in Atlanta so that I can eat, feed the kids and have gas in my car to get to the clubs. He may not come when you want Him but He comes right on time! Never lose your faith.

OM: Well spoken, where is the most exotic place you have been, and tell us about it?

HH: I have been to so many places in my life. I loved Korea when I was there. That country is rich in culture and great food. The technology boom there is bigger than you can imagine and in most cases, more forward than we are in lots of places. I love Dubai, but then again those who have been there know what I mean. I plan to hit every place on Earth. Well any place I can get into a 4 or 5 star hotel anyway. I do not do the jungle very well; the bugs and I do not quite get a long. I love the natural scenery of the world but I am not planning to climb any snow mountains. We people like to come home without cutting off our arms in the process.

OM: Nice and when you say you people trust me I know what you mean as well. Funny to the bone brother! You are gifted young man and you plus you can make a lady laugh, I am sure all the ladies out in the Orangeverse would like to know are you single?

HH: Yes I am currently single. I do date but trying to make the most of my career and provide for my son and daughter. One day someone will get me to get my knees dirty, but in the meantime I am taking resumes.

OM: You hear that ladies, taking applications. What is your favorite body part or what do you like most about a young lady?

HH: Legs, legs, and more legs. Oh my goodness I could take a leg home if it wasn’t attached. Boomerang ruined me for life, so she must have pretty feet. I am not addicted to toes or anything but got to be cute as hell. Confidence in a woman is the biggest turn on to me.

OM: I agree all the way. If you had your choice of any woman in the world, what woman would you like to get at (romantically that is)?

HH: I’ve been asked that several times. I love sexiness. Hair, eyes, legs, did I mention legs? But most people know that I have a weakness for dimples. Any woman with dimples usually gets a second look and I just may have to take a nibble.

OM: Do you have any children?

HH: I have my baby girl who just turned 10 and my son who is a big 6 years old. They are my life and I always joke that if I was on the Maury show, it would be fun to try and deny them and see what happens. Oh I’d be booed during the opening credits. LOL.

OM: Yes you would, I have seen your children and they are your carbon copy, Hahahahah. What is the best thing about being a father, and the best thing about your child?

HH: I love doing what my father couldn’t do. May he rest in peace, but just being able to say the words “my daughter”, “my son” is exciting to me. The best is that they have no idea how much I love them. Both of them have their own minds, although they do have to be put in their place from time to time.

OM: What would you say your best attribute is?

HH: Hmmm, I would definitely have to say how social I am. Being a military brat and then serving in the military myself, I can meet people anywhere and become great friends in 20 minutes.

OM: True, True again. Do you have any tattoos and do they have a special meaning?

HH: Yes, and they all have something of meaning. My first was my fraternity on my left arm, the oldest and the coldest. I have my zodiac sign in a tribal on my right arm, just below a dragon that I did for my own birthday present, a couple of years ago. Almost finished but they are all on my upper arm or shoulder. I recently added to my left with a tribal extending from my shoulder to my elbow or close to it. With a good polo you can’t see my tats and I like it like that.

OM: Cool. Do you dance? Can you dance?

HH: I love burning up the dance floor and when the beat hits I am down. I do not believe in holding up the wall. That’s for punks. Get off the wall ya’ll. She wants to dance to.

OM: Ladies, listen up the dude can boogie. Do you workout or go to the gym?

HH: I was a gym rat for years. I had a few injuries lately but am looking forward to getting back on the regular. Abs went from six-pack to keg in under a year and so here we go back to the drawing board. LOL

OM: You know your boy Nine Livez got you, if you need someone to support you in your efforts. What are some clubs you would recommend from your city? What would you recommend someone who visits your city check out?

HH: If you come to town, make sure you hit Echelon 3000 in Stone Mountain. Any of the holes in the wall are a good start. But one I have passed many times and finally went into was the Juke Joint on Peachtree. Great live music, fantastic southern food and the atmosphere is elegant. I plan on going there again soon, Mmm mmm.

OM: You know we are going to have to do that when we come through! In your everyday life, where can you be seen at you know (school, supermarkets) you know?

HH: I am soon to wear out my welcome at my son’s school. I love hanging with the kids there, especially those who don’t have a father at home, they love seeing me there. There are a few cuties that work there too. Don’t tell my son, he doesn’t know that part yet. I think I hang at the local Public supermarket more than I need to. After work or church are the best times. These are great places to meet nice people and who knows a date. Not that I do that or anything 😉

OM: What is your favorite color?

HH: I love black and gold, but my favorite color has always been Blue and will always be blue.

OM: What is your favorite TV show or Movies?

HH: I am a movie buff and always hang at the movies, even by myself. Anything Eddie did in his early days. If the flick has killing and explosions I am usually there.

OM: What kind of music do you like listening to and what do you have in your playlist?

HH: I grew up loving Hip-Hop and that will never die. It seems today they are putting out some BS. At present, I am a big Neo-Soul fan. I have a secret crush on Jill Scott. She’s on my get it list.

OM: See I Knew the Howard Hollywood I knew was in there. Do you have any other hobbies or special talents?

HH: You would never guess that I am a secret nerd. I have been working in IT (information technology) for as long as I can remember. I used to sing back in the day. I believe that God decided that will not be one my talents to be remembered for. I also bartend, I would make some drinks that would touch your soul and sometimes the panties come off. Not that I would do that 😉

OM: What is favorite club and drink?

HH: I can be seen at Strip in Atlantic Station or a nice dinner lounge in Atlanta. I love a good Mojito but it is hard to find the right chef to make it. That takes real talent.

OM: I am going to have to try that, for sure. What is your favorite automobile that you would like to own or drive?

HH: I change my mind on cars more than I change my underwear. Currently I like the new Porsche Panorama and the new Lexus GS300. I am not really into spending mortgage money on a car.

OM: Nice choices, where do you see yourself in 5 years or sooner?

HH: Prayerfully sooner, but hopefully I will have my own 30 minute or 1 hour special on HBO and comedy central. Then I know my career will take off.

OM: What is some of your contact information for our readers to get a hold of you?

HH: I can always be found on twitter @doubleh4eva. Let’s see who can talk the most sh@%

OM: If you could leave the Orange Mode readers anything, what would it be besides make sure you get your Nine Livez on?

HH: Keep striving for that dream. I see that Orange Mode is a dream come true and if this dream can come true, any dream can come true. Look out for “Hollywood” in the near future. And Get your Nine Livez on.




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