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Chris on a journey in the Orangeverse

Hello Chris, how are you doing today? Chris Replies, “I am fine and you.” I am good to go, thank you for sitting down with Orange Mode Magazine and sharing your inspirational journey with the Orangeverse. Chris Replies, “No problem I feel blessed that you want to share my story.” Well brother you truly are blessed. So tell us what did you want to be when you grew up as a child and did you have a nick name? Chris replies smiling, “Yes they call me C Huddy and I actually wanted to be a NBA superstar, but I realized I wouldn’t be tall enough to play.” Chris was it any certain NBA star that inspired you to want to play ball or was is some local college talent? Chris replies, “Michael Jordan inspired me” He inspired so many of us. You are from Lexington Kentucky, the Bluegrass state, which is a Basketball town. Who do you route for the Louisville Cardinals or the Kentucky Wildcats? Chris replies, “Of course UK that’s the home team” This is March madness, a crazy time for basketball cities, how far do you think both of your State teams will advance this year? Chris replies, “I have UK going all the way this year I believe they have what it takes to bring home.” Well I hope UK or U of L bringing it back where it belong baby. 502 Nation Stand UP!

So after you decided that basketball wasn’t the road for you. You decided to become a designer. Chris replies, “That is correct it was my high school senior year. I would see clothing worn by Ralph Lauren, Johnny Cupcakes, Daymond John, Jonas Becaquva (LRG), and Russell Simmons. I knew I could do it as well. I have always wanted to inspire children, my peers, and my community to be a positive role model.” Well brother I can tell you that you already are, keep up the great work. Describe your collections style. Chris replies, “Classic Urban wear.” Explain the process of how your clothing came to be. Chris replies, “I come up with all my concepts and then my brilliant design team assists me with putting it in to reality.” I was in an automobile car accident in late 2007 and my logo came to me after that. It was like my designs come from God. The ability he has blessed me with. I draw other inspiration from Life, family friends, and my generation. My purpose inspires me to follow my dreams!” Man we are so glad you are still with us and ok. How many brothers and sisters do you have? Where do you fit in are you the baby? Chris replies, “I’m the middle child one older brother and a younger brother.” Do you have any formal design training, if so how and where did you go to school at? Chris replies, “Thank you, my formal design training is through trial and error. I went to college at Bauder College in Atlanta, GA.” Sometimes that is the best training you can get. Chris what did you study at that University? Chris replies, “Business Management.” Nice you got all the business matter covered.

How many fashions show have you been a part of and where can we find your clothing? Chris replies, “I actually came up with idea to create my own fashion show and you can find my clothing at www.lifesjourneyclothing.com and at selective stores.” Chris you have already inspired me and I am sure the Orangeverse will agree. What would you say your greatest accomplishment as a designer is and what do you see your clothing taking you? Chris replies, “I would say my first ever fashion show in the Lyric Theatre in front of a sold out crowd. I see Life’s Journey as a global brand inspiring and uplifting the masses.” That’s what’s up young man, that’s what’s up. Chris replies, “Life’s Journey is my bread and butter!”

Do you have any other positive influences in your life, what or who inspires you? Chris replies, “My parents, my son, my friends and family, my surrounding. My purpose inspires me it keeps me striving towards greatness.” You are on your way. You are gifted young man and you plus you know fashion, Women love that I am sure. All the ladies out in the Orange verse would like to know are you single? Chris replies, “Yes I’m very much single.” You hear that ladies!!! What is your favorite body part or what do you like most about a young lady? Chris replies, “Her mind.” Ok her mind alright, but I believe you. 😉 wink, wink…… Chris, If you had your choice of any woman in the world what woman would you like to get at (romantically that is)? Chris replies, “I must admit at this point in my life, I don’t know exactly know what I want out of a young woman, but I am sure God will send her my way when the time is right.” I am sure he will. Do you have any children? Chris replies, “Yes my beautiful son!” What is the best thing about being a father, and the best thing about your child? Chris replies, “I would say the best part is trying to create a legacy for my son, spending time with him, teaching him how to be better than me.” You may not already know but you are a true inspiration young man. God blessed the Orangeverse with your spirit and presence on this Earth. What would you say your best attribute is? Chris replies, “My drive and ability to bring out the best in people.” Do you have any tattoos and do they have a special meaning? Chris replies, “Yes when I was 24 and it is a Just a quote that reminds me to never give up! Do you dance or can you dance? Chris replies, “I wish I could dance I have no rhythm lol hahaahha.” Don’t worry all you have to do is rock back and forth woman do most of the work anyway. Do you workout or go to the gym? Chris replies, “I am starting back very soon.” Chris may I suggest trying the Nine Livez Life Support fit and trim program! It is a great. Chris replies, “I will have to check that out thank you.” What is your favorite color? Chris replies, “Red.” Do you have any other hobbies or special talents? Chris replies, “I love reading, being around special people, my Creative mind, and a real go-getter!” What kind of music do you like listening to and what do you have in your playlist? Chris replies, “Variety of music mainly soul, Acoustic soul, conscious rap, and rock.” Lovely selection, what is your favorite TV show or Movies? Chris replies, “I really don’t have one at the moment, but I am a huge movie fanatic I have so many that I love I don’t even know where to start.” What is your favorite automobile you would like to own or drive one day? Chris replies, “My dream car is a Bentley GTS and Mercedes S550.” Sweet both of them are real nice. Where do you see yourself in 5 years or sooner? Chris replies, “Taking over the world and turning Life’s Journey into a global lifestyle brand.” Well if there is anything we at Orange Mode Magazine can do to help, you just let us know! Chris replies, “I really appreciate that.” Is there anything you like to leave some contact information for the Orangeverse? “Chris replies, “I sure would, I can be reached at twitter @lifesclothing86 www.facebook.com/lifesjourneyclothing and www.lifesjourneyclothing.com . If you could leave the Orange Mode readers anything what would it? Chris replies, “Believe-Pursue-Inspire. Believe in yourself, pursue your purpose, and inspire your generation. Take over the world and live up to your potential.





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