$10,000 in Prizes!

Beats Headphones. IPads. Five days in Belize.

We are giving those all away at the Nine Livez Life Support Facebook Page! Our storage room is packed with the Beats headphones (ALL the models!) and iPads, and we want to give them to you! All you have to do is go to the Facebook Page, and LIKE it. Then, when we hit different LIKE totals, the prize vault opens!

And the GRAND PRIZE….when we hit 11,000 Fans on the Page, you could win a Five Day Trip to Belize! Yeah, Baby!!!! Injection!!!!

$10,000 in prizes, and we’re itchin’ to let go of them! Just go to www.Facebook.com/NineLivezLifeSupport and LIKE it! It’s that simple! And spread the word, because the faster we get the fans, the faster we give away the swag!


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